Tailgate Dents

Mazda CX-5  Tailgate Dent

This video highlights what can be achieved when opting to use paintless dent removal over a traditional bodyhop paint repair. Because the paintwork was still intact and the tailgate provided ample access to the backside of the panel, it turned out to be the best option in order to repair successfully. A great deal of heat was used throughout this repair so not to fracture the paintwork across the heavily distorted bodyline.

Toyota Land Cruiser  Tailgate Dent

With the tailgate opening downwards instead of the usual way, my only viable option here was to remove the entire panel from the car and tie down to some trestles to repair. Glue pulling could not be used in this instance because the dent had some missing paint in its centre and by using the glue option I feared the paint would further deteriorate. Added to this, I soon realised that the dent was quite badly stretched so accessing the panel from the back was the only sensible option.

Hyundai I30  Large Tailgate Dent

This was a very complex 5 hour repair. This lady had backed into a hidden tree stump causing all kinds of damage in and around the dent. Remarkably, the paintwork remained intact which made it an ideal candidate for paintless dent removal. I was very close to rejecting this repair as I didn’t think the metal with all its compromises would release sufficiently. Whilst I couldn’t get it out 100%, I’m really pleased that I persevered for this particular owner.

Subaru Liberty  Boot Dent Improvement

This video shows one particular dent that I only managed to improve and one that ultimately beat me! Sometimes you can only do so much, it all depends on whether the dent wants to work with you or not. Halfway through I realised I’d bitten off a little more that I could chew but after having a conversation with the owner we decided to plough on and see how much we could do.