Glue Pulling PDR (Extraction Method)

Paintless dent removal is traditionally carried out by accessing the rear of the dented panel in order to successfully massage out the dent.  However, not every dent is accessible from the rear.  In extreme situations such as these, we can apply another PDR solution called glue pulling.   This type of repair technique is commonly used on vehicles with rear wheel arch dents, roof rail damage caused by large hail stones or from items being in proximity to the roof such as bicycle and luggage carriers.

This process of PDR has to be done with the utmost care and expertise whilst performing at the correct panel temperature, so as not to compromise the paintwork. Using specially developed nylon tabs in conjunction with varying types of hot and cold adhesive resins, we can draw the dent out proud and then manipulate it back into its true form using precision hammer blending techniques.

I have been performing ‘Glue Pulling’ for over 15 years and it is an art in itself. This process requires great skill and must only be performed by highly experienced PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) technicians so as not to compromise the paintwork’s original finish.  Added to this, it requires a thorough understanding of how to approach trapped pressure, controlling the panel temperature, correct glue application and precision hammer work. Glue pulling carried out incorrectly by inexperienced technicians will almost certainly result in your vehicle requiring some kind of paintwork correction.

Ford Ranger XLT – Glue Pull Repair Video

BMW 5 Series – Glue Pull Repair Video

Ford Mustang GT – Glue Pull Repair Video