Hail Damage PDR

Hail damage has been on the rise due to the weather becoming more and more unpredictable. Huge thunderstorms that produce flash flooding and large hailstones are no longer mainly confined to central Europe, Eastern States of Australia and America….its happens occasionally in the UK too.

Hail Damage

Paintless hail repair is the most efficient and cost effective method of removing small dings and dents from your vehicle that have been caused by a sudden down pour of hail stones. Every hail storm generates different size and shaped hail stones, however the results are often very similar, in that your vehicle can be left with many damaged panels and in some cases hundreds of small dents.   A traditional bodyshop repair approach would be to apply a filler compound to the affected panels that when hardened would be sanded back in preparation for the panel to be repainted. Whilst the standard of this repair can often be very competent it does mean that your cars original factory finish and possibly paintwork warranty has been compromised. Subsequently, in many cases, this can considerably affect your cars appeal and overall resale value.

By opting for our ‘paintless’ repair process we can ensure that your vehicles paintwork remains flawless and in perfect, original condition. This will protect your manufactures paint warranty along with your vehicles retail market value. We carefully access the back of each dented panel and skilfully tease and massage out every dent one at a time. A different kind of mind set is required with hail damage repairs. It takes an enormous amount of patience, skill and experience within paintless dent removal to perfect such a repair procedure. Repair times for hail damaged vehicles vary, depending on the size of the dents, how many there are and their precise location, but typically most cars are completed in approximately 1-3 days.