Roof & Rail Dents

Mazda 2  Aerial Roof Dent

An all too common enquiry I receive. This video shows the damage left following a customer reversing out of their garage without the roller door being all the way up. The aerial became lodged within the door structure and subsequently tearing off the aerial. The damage left, like in most of these cases, was a stretched dent around the small aerial opening within the roof panel.

Renault Clio RS  Roof Rail Glue Pull

This video shows the damage caused by roof racks on a vehicle. I do a lot of these and because the roof rail section (or cant rail) is inaccessible from the back, the entire repair needed to be carried out using glue pulling. This kind of repair, whilst looking fairly innocuous, are incredibly time consuming when compared to massaging a dent out from the back. A good understanding of hammer principles and experience of glue pulling is essential with this kind of repair.

Porsche Macan S  Roof Rail Glue Pull

In over 20 years this, so far, has been my most difficult dent. It’s not the biggest by any means but its complexity was very demanding. For the first hour or so I was working on this roof rail nothing happened. A rail is an incredibly strong part of the vehicle to manipulate and towards the back end especially it became even more rigid and unforgiving. Perseverance over 5 hours got this dent out and one of my most satisfying. I’m not sure I’d do another!