Rear Panel Dents

Holden SS V  Quarter Panel Dent

Occasionally, we are required to remove different car parts to give us better access to the back of the panel so we can massage the dent out more efficiently. This vehicle needed to have its rear light cluster removed so we could get the required leverage onto the back of the dent. This also meant dropping a section of the bumper allowing the light to slide out.

Kia Sorento  Large Rear Quarter Dent

Probably one of the larger dents that I have removed over the last 20 years. What was in this dents favour was great access to the back of the panel. Once again the light had to be removed which then offered all the room required to carry out a very lengthy 5 hour repair.

Jeep Patriot  Quarter Panel Dent

This was a dent caused by a group of college friends larking around with one another, resulting in one of them falling into his friend’s rear quarter panel. This video perfectly demonstrates how effective both hot and cold glue can be in assisting traditional PDR massage techniques.

Ford Ranger XLT  Glue Pull

I wasn’t too sure before arriving at this repair whether or not I could access some of the dent from the back. Sometimes, just because you can get your hand on the back of the panel doesn’t mean you have enough leverage to move any of the metal. I opted to carry out a 100% glue pull repair on this panel which can sometimes take a lot longer but is the right option. This repair required a lot of hammer blending and manipulation to further assist the glue extraction.

Holden Ute  Rear Panel Dent

A straightforward repair made all the easier by removing the petrol flap. Glue pulling this repair from start to finish was definitely an option but sometimes just taking the extra time to remove a part of the car causing an obstruction can save you a lot of time in the long run.

BMW 5 Series  Rear Arch Glue Pull

This video perfectly demonstrates how important it is to be good with the glue gun. 20 years ago I’m pretty certain I would have turned down this repair on the BMW’s double skinned rear arch. With zero access to get a tool on the back of the panel without drilling an unnecessary hole, glue pulling was my only option. This is an example of the more complex and time consuming repairs I take on and definitely one that required a lot of experience to perfect the desired outcome.

Mercedes C200  Quarter Panel Glue Pull

A fairly basic repair for paintless dent removal. Once again there was no access to the back of the panel without needlessly drilling holes so the extraction method of glue pulling was used. Whilst only a small dent it was significant enough to annoy the owners into calling me on a relatively new vehicle.

Ford Mustang GT  Rear Arch Glue Pull Repair

This dent repair was rejected by another paintless dent removal company due to the fact that this panel is double skinned. However, providing the paintwork is original and still intact, another method of repair can be very successful in removing minor cosmetic dents. This technique is called glue pulling and is an extraction method using hot glue compared to the traditional massage principles of PDR. If done carefully and correctly this method can produce fantastic results and avoid a costly repaint at the bodyshop.