bumper repair

Professional Dent Repair

Paintless dent removal also known as paintless dent repair is a specialist and unique art. More and more new companies are appearing within this industry, each performing at varying levels of competency. The expertise required to carry out this respected craft takes many years to fully understand.

Many dents can be improved to standard of 75% fairly quickly by most practising technicians. This level of improvement is sometimes more than acceptable to many industry customers, such as car auction houses, rental companies and car dealership sales departments. The saying goes that as long as the customer’s eye is diverted away from the damage, in order to complete the sale, that will do!

However, when dealing with private car owners and passionate car loving enthusiasts, where only perfection is acceptable, this is where PDR companies differ and where we have forged an unrivalled reputation within Paintless Dent Repair.

Dent repair is what I love to do. For two decades I have forged a reputation for repairing vehicle dents that are deemed either too large or too complex to remove successfully. In this rare and respected profession it is paramount that you enjoy your work. Having a desire to deliver consistent, quality work is what pushes me to go the extra mile in search of perfection.

The final 25% of any paintless dent repair is the most critical. It is without question the most import part of any repair. This latter stage in the process takes the most time and demands the highest level of precision by the technician. Being able to critique the smallest of panel imperfections is one thing, having the ability to rectify it accordingly is another. This strict and unwavering pursuit of perfection is why for over 20 years my customers have travelled from across the country to use my specialist service at Dents Inc.